SWITransitions offers two-hour Experiences.

Each is self-contained.

You choose where and when you want to begin.


When you encounter change …

Is your ‘bag’ too heavy or outdated?
Are you like a Carrot? An Egg? Or, like a cup of coffee?
Do you purr or roar?
What story do you tell yourself and others?
Do you give yourself the gift of forgiveness

SWITransitions is your place to look in the mirror.

Rediscover all that you are.

It may be time to reframe a part of yourself to make the going easier.

Transition is a time to recognize strengths and consider new options and attitudes. As we forge new roles and dynamics in our relationships, we create new stories.

SWITransitions also offers Sunday TEA Times.

Times to Explore and Affirm.

Three-hour Experiences, held monthly, on varied topics using SWITS’ foundations:
AFFIRM yourself
BUILD Community and Relationships
HONOR your Voice, inner and outer
CREATE & CHOOSE your style for the many transitions life brings.